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I have a leap v2 refurbished by Crandall . They put a bit more padding in the seat and back and cover it with very nice fabric.

I think the current thinking is that ergonomic chairs should encourage a variety of postures and that is why I love this chair so much. I am 6'3 and use the chair in many positions. Back locked up,back tilted back, sitting on the edge, sitting all the way back.

A chair will not help an injury but I think the steelcase leap/Amia and other top models are the best office chairs ever. I don't like the aeron as much myself.


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The Saab used to be really popular. It was kind of like the Tesla of its day. Quirky, luxurious but not ostentatious, good design. It's sort of a classic professorial status symbol. It doesn't denote wealth as much as modesty and intelligence.

Unfortunately they stopped making them, and the latter models were rebadged Subaru at least in one case.

If you want an example of an even earlier example of this kind of vehicle, there's a Morris mini that lives near Dali.


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Please attend these meetings. Seriously. Local politicians have like zero feedback from their constituency. It is amazing how the mere presence of a resident spurs them to action.

I cannot emphasize this enough. Just show up. Sign up for the zoom and log in when they say to do so. The presentation will be boring.

Just show up. I don't even live in Cambridge and I might log in.


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I got a very nice Leopold keyboard when I started working from home. Seemed expensive at the time but it's such a joy to use. Nice clicky keys, heavy as heck, looks beautiful.

I wish someone made a mouse as good as this keyboard.


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Patagonia for sure. Patagonia makes a lot of down jackets with a shiny surface which I suspect are not super durable and some with a more canvas like texture. I have one of them and it is amazing in cold weather.

Lifetime warranty, relatively ethical business practices.

I think I spent around 300 but for the quality that's a very good deal.


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Central square has always been grimy (at least since I started spending time there around 1996 or so) but it also hosted a lot of very unique and useful retail. Dance complex, record stores, cafes, great restaurants, Pearl/Blick, Cantab and so forth.

I am not surprised that the situation with the ne'er-do-wells has deteriorated to the point where shops are moving out. To those who are saying 'good riddance to Starbucks', I share the sentiment, but what is stopping 1369 of succumbing to the same fate? Or artists and craftsman supply, or the falafel place, or Life Alive?

I personally have zero confidence that either the police or social workers can transform Central into a place free from open drug use and constant harassment. All I know is that addiction is incredibly powerful and nobody should have to live around that shit.