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I think this article has an interesting, nuanced take.


A few interesting pieces of information:


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The leading thinking right now is that they evolved in Europe and Asia, not Africa. There is an interesting map about 1/4 of the way into this article.,physical%20evidence%20of%20them%20vanishes.


I am not expert about non-African hominids, but I guess this implies that there were already some/many hominids outside of Africa leading up to Neanderthal. We (homo sapiens) were just a branch that still evolved in Africa.


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I think things like launching a nuclear war and fascism has a lot of consensus about whether or not we want to constrain those actions. That's a boring proposition, there is no controversy other than the fact that is was proposed.

For a scenario right now, would you be willing let AI determine which books are appropriate for children instead of any/all governments? (There is no override, it is permanent & forever, we let AI control the distribution of written content worldwide and it chooses whether it incites violence, induces emotional harm, etc.)


I have not researched the tolerance paradox a lot, but I have some doubts that come to mind. I don't think that we will become so tolerant as a society that we begin to formally enslave and torture people again to run our industrial systems. Capitalism might have faults, but nobody is getting burned with scalding pig lard right now inside of a meat processing facility. The employees are poor and it is bad, but I think the tolerance paradox presents a very black-and-white worldview. There will be an ebb and flow of progress and regression forever. My read of the tolerance paradox is that it must return to complete intolerance given that the intolerant seize control. I would be shocked if we even regress to illegal birth control or outlawing alcohol again.


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A tangible example of an AI bot that will struggle is 100 years in the future when 90% of people are horrified by the idea of eating meat. We are already around 1/5 of the world not eating meat. This is a trend that could easily rise as a means of carbon footprint / climate change / zoonotic disease.

Who decides when the bot isn’t allowed to suggest eating red meat for an iron deficiency? Or rather can only suggest leafy greens like spinach?

Sometimes there isn’t an absolute right or wrong for preference. People should be allowed to eat meat or not, but someone will always be unhappy with either suggestion.


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Why do you believe this was a lie when (1) a crowd witnessed this, (2) the councilman is on camera talking about this, and (3) the theater management sent out a press release statement apologizing and acknowledging the deficit of the facility

Soft paywall:


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Your gut microbiome has a lot more to do with ingested antibiotics and diet (acidic soda, inflammatory grains, etc.) than topical antibiotics and rolling in dirt. The gut microbiome almost certainly impacts the immune system, but the greatest benefits are to your overall nutrition more so than immune function. The microbiome presents the ideal conditions for digestion (that’s why we keep them there)


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You're going to have to pry the Pentium G4600@3.6GHz + 8 GB DDR4-2133 + 1050 Ti from my cold dead hands. It might get 8GB added, but that's about it.

I'm in a proper US midtown in a top-15 city size and the power keeps brownout'ing every 2-3 weeks, so I know that they are trying. I did not buy a crap PSU and have a true surge suppressor (that breaker has tripped a few times, she might get the budget from the RAM)


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I’m pretty certain that a while ago I found an article in another sub with additional discoveries. I cannot find the Reddit thread, but this article captures some development that I remembered seeing - it is proteins in their eyes, instead of some feature in their brains, that allows for the magnetoreception.