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They also didn't adhere to strict lab conditions to assure that each pilll contained the same dose. I am sure some of those pills they pressed had overdose amounts of fentanyl in them. That is a common way for young first time pill poppers to die. These are not addicts selling to manage their own habit. Put them away.


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They lied. Republicans lie about all of it. We all know about coyotes and rapes. If we had a good immigration system, coyotes would not have jobs. Spoiler; a wall is not a good immigration system.


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There is a migrant crisis. It is a subset of the general labor shortage. I have to wait, because dunkies has 2 people instead of five. My local pizza place is closed Sunday and Monday because they don't have enough staff. We need easier immigration to ease this labor shortage. Also: The United States are the good guys. When things are bad somewhere, we help. I am happy to help people leaving Haiti and South America right now. Building a wall and letting folks die on the other side of it is not a solution. It is not what your family or my family faced when the immigrated here. We were helped, and now we have a moral obligation to help others.