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Yeah I for sure hear you there, I honestly our medical systems are so broken we as a country do need to start at square one there. Like Drs have to be held accountable for what they say, do, and prescribe, also health administration should make less than anyone working the floor. But then again that's my sentiment about all technical jobs that require a decade of study to master.


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I guess I don't see the added benefits just added cost to pay for those that don't pay for themselves anyway. And the reason I replied as to a measure of happiness with money, is I am just able to afford to be happy here now after lots of hard ass work, where the people I know from Europe have considerably less spare money, and considerably less assets for doing basically the same shit we do here for fun. The other thing is getting shaken down for every individual thing they can possibly hit you for, even just the euro MOT inspection for your average car would completely break most Americans as every inch of the car has to be 100% perfect.


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I wasn't trying to be a dick, I was inferring that the grass just looks greener on the other side, no matter what form of government you have, it has the key feature of humans, which are always prone to corruption, self enrichment, and the elite helping the elite. You're welcome to think whatever you want obviously.


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In what sense? It doesn't make anything more affordable or less expensive. It just means the government controls it, and having seen so many of our government programs even just the PPP program monumentally fail for the people it was supposed to help, how well do you think the nepotism of all our current or past 50 years democrat and republican government officials would do a massive government funded anything?


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The "trustafarian" from MA, MD, DE, NJ, CT, NYC, CO, and CA have replaced almost everyone of my generation that left here at 18.... They don't work, still have disposable income, and can buy rental houses here to have some sort of income. Literally I know hundreds of these people as I fix their cars.


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That's part of it, we also have a giant homeless population due to the miro open invitation to the sears lane experiment, where growing up here we never had hundreds of homeless people at any given point in the year, and now all of a sudden there are people cooking meth across from an elementary school in a multi level homeless shack....


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Lol lies I have to tell myself to sleep at night. Because I'm an informed consumer that makes decisions based upon who I'm actually doing business with instead of just blindly being complicit, that's why you said that. Nice retort, would you also say you were just doing your job working at a concentration camp?


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I set expectations when I hire them, if they fail, I ask if there was an issue with their equipment, if not I tell them what my problem was, if they do anything but fix the situation, they get dragged as especially in VT you have word of mouth where if you fuck someone's job up and refuse to fix it, you might as well close up shop and move because everyone Swanton to Bennington to Averill to Brattleboro will know how big a fuck up you are otherwise. It's not micromanaging if you set the expectations in the beginning of the contract they agree to and then they fail to meet them.


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What a myopic view of the renter/ landlord relationship. So one person has a house, they usey their retirement from a market that has proven too unstable to invest in non tangible anything, they invest in a house, suddenly you think they have this imaginary money oozing from their pores because only the ultra rich and privileged can afford a house to rent out. Now in your previous statements a vagrant has more right to that property than the person that worked 20+ years to have the nestegg to have a down payment and was able to finance that house. Why does someone that can't be bothered to save cash and cultivate a credit rating over their entire adult lives have any right to anything resembling a house. Till you understand that the people you are defending and arguing with me about just take and never give back in the first place, you are gonna keep thinking they are the victim. Look at how many people want to help the homeless people and last only one season before they tap out of wanting to help them anymore.


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That's the thing we aren't talking about fantasies you are talking about real people's situations and lives where the law is on the side of the people stealing the homes in question. Housing is not a guaranteed right, no matter where you live in the developed world you have to figure that out, you don't just get to take it from someone else without consequences. It's the same to say someone has a right to my friends rental house that doesn't pay for it as it is to say I have a right to your car and the food in your refrigerator that I don't pay for.


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Hold on, so it's a right for the asshole stealing housing in this scenario, but you as a landlord have no recourse for action and are just fucked if you choose to rent anything to anyone for any reason?

So you own nothing then, post up your address as a free haven for those that can't house themselves, including your food, belongings, and heat. Otherwise accept you are prejudiced against innocent people who want to better themselves in favor of thieves.


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So protecting people that only take advantage of others is ok, but people that try to better themselves, get no safety net, nor are rental contracts legally binding?????

Do you also advocate for thieves because the store owner chose to invest in offering convenience goods at a mark up? If you are stealing anything, no matter what it is you are a thief and at best deserve jail time. Maybe there in lies your solution, after 3 months of no payment to your landlord you go directly to jail and get 3 hot meals a day, a cot and a job to support yourself because it's not my fucking problem to support you. There shouldn't be a social safety net for thieves, if you steal anything you deserve to have your freedom taken from you.


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Wtf is wrong with you, that you think someone has a right to something for free? Like 30 years ago you'd hire thugs and forcibly disembark freeloaders that didn't pay their bills and it was a largely better time. If you can't pay for the thing you contractually said you would pay for, why exactly should you get to keep that thing no matter if it's food, housing, car work, toys at the store, a car, building supplies, etc? A thief is a thief and there is zero reason someone not paying their agreed upon rent for any extended period of time shouldn't be living in the gutter.