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We just got a new one from the Exploding Kittens/The Oatmeal guy. It's called Mantis, and it's a quick, simple game with a small table footprint. I think it's just become our new favorite for bringing to the bar.

I'm still trying to find anyone who can beat my husband at Villainous, because he is an absolute strategy steamroller and in a two-player game with me he will win every. damn. time. while I'm sitting around with my whole realm covered in annoying heroes. Someone needs to wallop him, but it's clearly not going to be me.


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Agreed on the businesses being lovely and kind even during rush time. I just got back from what I admit was a very poorly-timed couple of days in Stowe (we're not even skiers, please don't ask what we were thinking), and it was definitely mobbed but our experience all weekend was that as long as we cheerfully accepted the crowds and erratic holiday hours, places cheerfully did their best to accommodate us. Ask nicely, wait patiently, tip well. It's so easy!


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I really need some kind of signal light on my car that communicates "hey person behind me, your high beams are on/your insanely bright headlights are in my face and I can't see a damn thing right now, it would be to everyone's benefit if you either turned them down or went around me or both."


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The last time I was up that way, my friend and I got there desperate for pie but just a few minutes after they'd closed. A kind server sold us two slices of pie to go anyway. We tipped her like crazy and devoured the pie almost before we got back to the car.


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It's a tough toss-up between Washington and Oregon for me. Oregon has the better coastal areas, but Washington's wilderness is a little more rugged. Some areas of Oregon are more charming, but their equivalents in Washington end up being more enjoyable because they're not as crowded (with the major exception of Mt. Rainier and anything else near Seattle). They both have universal mail-in voting (good), and constant forest fires (bad).