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Time for a new crush, she has weaponized her faith against you. She went into your history without your permission, then judged you for something that should be private information. This is a major consent violation, and she will likely continue to do them so that she feels vindicated for whatever fucked up shit is going on in her head.

I hope you see that as the big red flag that it is. She is also probably homophobic since she judged your lesbian corn and didn't bother to clarify if it was the corn or the lesbian content. Just because she isn't vocal doesnt mean she isnt homophobic


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Pretty sure after this he wont be going to any post secondary better than a community college (granted comm. colleges can be great) no college is gonna wanna enroll a kid who got expelled in his senior year for dressing up as a nazi and then playing around with another group of kids dressed up as a racist stereotype.


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You literally did something pretty freaking racist and didn't bother to think for literally one second how that might be perceived. Then doubled down on it by probably doing shitty poses with the people who think its funny to dress up as "Jews" you have no reputation. Its gone, destroyed, and frankly deserved.

How the hell you didn't end up in a principals office, and with a phone call to parents I will never know.


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So far as I know there are various funds allocated for these projects. Usually it's a mixture of public, private, state and federal funding. That gets these projects done, usually under grants that entirely taxed and designed for environmental rehabilitation


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They are removing multiple damns, not just one.

Also yes according to NOAA in a report on a different system.

I'd also caution you that these systems are measured in decades, not in years. Restoration of a natural system literally cannot be realistically measured in the course of a handful of years and takes active management.

Take the save the bay initiative where efforts ore often invisible to the average person. Where as scientist and conservationist can see the gradual increase in sea grass and other species as evidence of better health. This effect will likely take decades to see a drastic change in population


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I think we can probably use other damn removals as evidence for a positive effect on syste. Though it does specifically state in the article. That large damn removals and thus silt storage are slated for a years long removal. So there is time to manage evidence


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So I wanna raise a couple important points this article and assumable much of the media missed.

Removal of damns is not just about one species of fish. The restoration of the natural course of a river and the natural silt deposition of a river. Has huge and far ranging impacts for the entirety of the rivers watershed.

It often means restoration of a river Delta and wetlands at mouth of the river.

-meaning more natural flood protection

-restoration or increase of those wetland specific species

Do the math on that, and you should come up with a knock on effect even out into the ocean as prey species rise and predators species alongside them.

  • restoration of the salmon also has positive effects and not just for the indigenous peoples. A return to higher levels of salmon could mean a more diverse and healthy ecosystem as other species who both prey on and are prey to salmon increase or are better managed by predation.

There is also restoration of natural river flood silt deposition along the rivers banks. Likely meaning better and more diverse forestation along the river and of course a better environment along it.

While I am not a climate scientist, and don't understand the mechanics. An argument could also be made that restoration of natural flows where possible. Might have an impact on drought conditions and weather systems of the area. Though it is possible that the opposite is true, as the natural climate reassert its self.