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Always amazed at how I see people crossing the street completely oblivious (and not just because they are looking at their phones). Like, if you are crossing a side street next to a major street, you better have eyes on the major street as there's always a chance some idiot is going to turn without seeing you.

Also....night is bad, but dusk is worse. At night at least headlights/streetlights really illuminate things. At dusk the light is washed out, really hard to see things.


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About $350-400 for a family of 4, not including paper goods. Call it $300 on a grocery run plus an extra $50-100 on mid-week produce, fresh fish, and mail-order meats. Probably cook 6 nights a week. Kids buy lunch at school most days, adults have leftovers or homemade sandwiches for lunch.


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Well, hotel bar food is usually just bland. I was really impressed with the desire to shove as many ingredients as possible on one plate, topped with tons of sweet sauces. And the Holiday Inn-grade wine glasses for an "upscale byo" restaurant were just...