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As others have pointed out, Madison is a great town, and it's 5 minutes from Morristown, which is a happening place, with lots of bars, restaurants, and MPAC (Mayo Performing Arts Center).


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Wodstock is very nice. A little farther, Albany was nice years ago, though I haven't seen it in a long while. The Finger Lakes are lovely. At the high end of your driving you could get to Toronto or Montreal (I forget which one of those was about 5 hours by car).


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Supply regarding dispensaries, not their inventory. We have 20ish dispensaries for 9 million people. When I visited Jasper in Alberta last fall they had 4 dispensaries for 5000 people. Prices were pretty cheap.

And if people weren't buying the prices would be lower. So clearly wrong about demand.

Enjoy the city. When I walked from Penn Station to 51st a few months ago I saw 2 dispensaries, 4 "smoke shops" that also sold weed, and a guy in Times Square who set up a table on the sidewalk full of weed. All were illegal.


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I wish people would just give this a rest. There are two reasons:

  1. Supply
  2. Demand

The tiny number of dispensaries currently have a virtual monopoly, and they're pressing that advantage to make as much money as they can. This is just good business. As more dispensaries open, which is happening more slowly than anyone else wants, prices will come down.

Give it time.


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The experience. Theaters are struggling to attract viewers despite making the theaters plush, the seats comfortable, etc. Hard to compete with sitting on the couch in your PJs and loved ones watching a movie stream. Sitting in my with a crappy speaker watching a bunch of other cars watching the movie? No thanks. It was fun 50 years ago, but not since.