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Look at a map of the South American West cost. Notice all the rivers that run from the Andes to the ocean. The people on the ocean, fished. A bit farther up, folks grew cotton for the nets and other crops(some great feats of water engineering). When ya get into elevation, that's where ya get ALL those potato varieties. And the inhabitants knew which varieties grew in which micro-climate.

Wiki says potatoes were grown as early as 8K BCE. The inca didn't really flex their muscles until the 1400ish.


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That's a different story than I heard. Ya got the 'Jake leg' from drinking the 1st bit of a moon-shine run. Something about it being a different kinda alcohol that was toxic.

I don't know. There's something to be said for licensed and bonded...damn taxes....


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Bills are usually split on a percentage basis, except in 'room-mate' situations. He sounds like a room-mate with great benefits to HIM. You, not so much.

The dog is 2 and won't change. It was bred to be 'reactive'. Sometimes, you can train that out of a dog. but at 2 years, she's set in her ways. How many people has she bitten? And lunges at children?! I don't know where you live, but here, cops or guns would have been involved.

This won't end well. She'll hurt/kill 1 of your cats or bite someone(probably you) badly.