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Wow, that's pretty arrogant of you OP. No I am not going to recite this to stroke your ego.

I'm kidding, just a bad joke of mine. The gag is that I fail to realize that this is meant to refer to me, and assume that I think that the OP is bragging about how perfect he is.


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Money, connections, and dad can't give you an edge over people without those.

Those people, well not people..., are irredeemable garbage that "chose to be destined" to fail of their own free will.

If you are fuming at this point, I'm joking.

Rich kids have it so hard, and are so brave and heroic, screw poor people. Effort my ass, money makes right!


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It is a shame that a collective boycott and shunning is impossible.

I love the fantasy of boycotting companies that take these kinds of decisions, which again, is only a fantasy at best.


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Sadly, while the /s adds clarity, it also kills the thrill of the juxtaposition.

In real life some people might make a sarcastic tone, but other people might make use of irony with a dead pan face.

I'm the monster that makes ridiculous and ironic statements with a deadpan face.

Internet strangers' lack of familiarity of my general demeanor and context be damned!