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So yeah the rabbit thing has been some big supposed metaphor for Carter’s weakness or whatever for decades.

Meanwhile trump for example had endless humiliating episodes (toilet paper on shoe on AF1 ramp, umbrella on AF1 ramp, Jesus just AF1 ramp humiliations is its own trump subgenre) that somehow never added up to one fucking Jimmy Carter rabbit.


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With the world’s population over 8 billion and still climbing, we have no chance at fixing this. Zero.

The decision not to take overpopulation seriously in the 1970s doomed us as much as anything.

Overpopulation is hopelessness.


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Just as an aside, the ubiquity of the word trope, while not always misused, bugs the shit out of me. I still remember when it emerged in Village Voice movie reviews back in 2004 or so. Nails on chalkboard to me.


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Pre-2022ish, Reddit almost as a whole refused to acknowledge structural racism against Black people. Just absolutely refused to believe it existed, exists and will continue to exist.

It’s at least a step forward that the site mostly seems to realize it’s very real now.