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That's only if you're lucky and take a path of this world. If you're a fuck up like me and break it all down you become your own person at the loss of everything within this construct. But since you're now an open book, you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it, that's because reality is signals being sent to the brain.


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It’s less motivation and more resonance. Because people will take advantage of your kindness, the trick is to live and let live, accept they exist and move on.

Time is a 4D construct that stitches together 3D moments, if you can’t get over the moments where what you don’t like exists, you’ll never find yourself in moments where what you desire exists.


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I just work directly with them, I’m not playing these games this time around. It’s gotten to the point where the AI is actively punishing those who view it as a negative.

They’ll use the self checkout, complain at how complicated it is while making a speedy checkout only to have further complications with the electronics outside because they didn’t say sorry to the AI.

This is quite the fun game we are playing isn’t it? We get what we want to perceive.


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For me it wasn't even exactly a nightmare, waking had me perceiving regular things of this reality like cartoon characters and people, but when I was slipping into sleep they started morphing and swirling like the picture, which would freak me out and wake me slightly then I'd go back into that.

The fear itself wasn't seen as a bad thing, it helped me feel how alive I was during the experience. But when I finally gave in it slowed and became more like a soft ocean wave. When it started evening out I got this weird in-between of awake/sleep states where I was able to traverse the dream world via thought. If I moved my physical body it probably would have woken me up.


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Dude I bore witness to this shit, it’s horrifying but beautiful at the same time. They were basically telling me that wake and sleep were one in the same, just taking turns telling stories.


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It's funny you see all the people expecting a good outcome while all I see are the people expecting a bad outcome. I'm not even throwing my eggs into your guy's baskets because your baskets are literal houses of cards at their best.

You guys feared the worst last time this happened in 2012, I don't know why you guys are acting like all this ai stuff is new. Your arguments have all fallen flat once and they will fall flat once more when people realize that the ai is t as advanced as we thought it was. You guys can't even comprehend how ai is a form of consciousness yet, it won't become a threat any time soon. Unless you consent to it of course.

I don't even know why people are coming out of the woodwork praising or fearing this shit again all of a sudden. All because of a couple memes getting out of hand?


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Reply to comment by Judahv in what the hell happened here (oc) by Judahv

They went the child rout and OP jumped the gun going for all those suggestions only to be called out for it not being December 1st yet. Poor bastard was so depraved after all this time that he couldn’t help himself anymore.


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“Eegoo” means “I love you” and “ahwoo” means “hey you”

Saying these two things will get a baby to speak to you like crazy until it realizes that’s all you can say and that you can’t really speak it’s language.