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As I said, if you're worried that he's a mass shooter, I don't recall any other mass shooters that walked into a place with their gun strapped to their back and made an order before shooting.

You'd probably be shocked how many guns you don't see. But they're standing or sitting next to you.


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And you also required it to be big enough for family meals?

As I mentioned, I have a compact 2 cup processor that isn't big enough to do most of the things I want. Last thanksgiving we had leftover turkey and I decided to use this little food processor to chop it up to freeze. I had to do it in 8-10 parts.

There is going to be a balance of size, price and use. That's up to you to decide which takes priority. I just shared my experience. Do with it as you please.


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As I mentioned, we had a cuisinart that was an older model. I think we got it as a wedding gift 30 years ago. We didn't use it much until recently. But, it stopped working after sitting in the cupboard for 25 years. So, I wouldn't give the cuisinart high grades based on my experience. Time will tell with the Nutribullet.

I did buy the 4 yr extended warranty for $10. Just in case.


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I just bought a nutribullet 7 cup on Amazon for $80. It's smaller than some of the other models, and most of the blades store inside the cup. The only piece I have to store separately is the spiral cut attachment. It comes with a processing blade, a dough blade, and two reversible blades for thick or thin shredding or slicing. I've only used it a few times and I like it. We had a bulkier cuisinart, but it stopped working awhile back. I had been using a tiny 2 cup processor with only one blade. So, it was time to upgrade.