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>It’s legal now.

No, it's not. It's still illegal per federal law. You are violating federal law each time you use cannabis. A better way of putting it is that you don't risk criminal penalties for using it, but that doesn't make it legal.

Granted, the vast majority of people in WA couldn't (and really don't need to) give two shits, because the discrepancy between federal and state laws doesn't affect their daily lives.

I know it sounds like I'm splitting hairs now. But for those of us who work in compliance for federally funded institutions, we get a lot of people who misunderstand these nuances because of blanket statements like that.

I'm not saying things should be this way (in fact, I'm a strong proponent of federal legalization, and once I quit my job I'll probably partake), but they currently are, and it's misinformation to say otherwise.


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u/skifever, I'm looking to add some projects to my UX research portfolio. If you want me to conduct some usability tests, please PM me and I can gather the feedback for you. That way you don't have to sort through suggestions yourself. I'm happy to do this before you start Android development! :)

But looking at this, u/wsdot, you really should think about hiring this person.