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That's what's amusing me most about this. Elon seemed to love how people saw him as the cool rich guy, a Tony Stark esque figure. Those of us paying attention knew he never was, but to the wider world that was a pretty common view of him, and he did a lot to try and cultivate that image.

But he just couldn't stop being an asshole in public and making terrible business deals for the lulz and now he's in deep shit and everyone realises he's just a whiny man baby with an infatuation for Nazis.


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That's always been what annoyed me the most about cryptobros. Hardly any of them were actually touting it's practical usage. To an extent I can respect wanting to be part of the creation of a new currency, but if you're actively hoarding said currency in hope for future increase in worth, you're actually actively helping in creating a bubble for it.