soboi12345 t1_jbteg2m wrote

Aye mate. Here are some cheap RECs

Kz Linglong (€15)

Truthear Hola (€18)

Tangzu Wan'ner (€18)

7hz Salnotes Zero (€18)

Kiwi ears cadenza (€32)

My pick is the linglong because of bullet style and great for sleeping (haven't tried them). Tangzu wan'ner for overall music as it fits my needs better I was lucky to demo it just a few weeks back, although herd it only for a brief time.


soboi12345 t1_jbe7at3 wrote

Now try the 7hz timeless ae. And get stunned, everybody thinks its a 2db bass shelf but it so much better. I wish more people bought it.

Fantastic iem with a minor tip rolling from the box.


soboi12345 t1_ja31z3k wrote

In my personal opinion he always pushes products to others and he seems to like everything thats like almost 80% of the shit he gets. He offers no valuable info its just like old version of 2018 Logan Paul selling you his merch vibe but for audio.

But them again he has a big fanbase and he has big patreon community + he sells all the free iems for some money on his patreon. So clearly he has a big following. But my opinion remains the same. Bit I suggest you watching some of his videos and decide for yourself.


soboi12345 t1_j9nyy2e wrote

Thansk for the video and the detailed writing. I immediately stopped when I heard that it doesn't sound that good at under 80db. I listen to iems at quite low volumes occasionally cranking it up. Also I prefer a v shape sound with a slight boost in mids or maybe a light w sound ? If that is even a thing or word. Lol.

BTW they look great!!

How does the cable perform for you? I have always been skeptical about these cloth cables 😅