solomongothhh t1_j1sv14n wrote

that's why effective accelerationism is key, you accelerate the progress where no institution or organization can react to the change, you destabilize the whole old structure and you don't do it with a whimper but with a bang, all of over-regulation and politicians getting in the way of progress will only produce a reality like atomic energy, where it's getting banned to create energy from it for general use and benefit but they still make bombs with it in bulk that keeps all of the humanity hostage to a couple of powerful people who can decimate this planet 10 times over with their stockpiles, when you see laws being made about the technology, know it's not to protect the general public but to land power in the laps of the few, that why accelerate the process and make the singularity come sooner than later, give them no time to react or horde it for themselves.