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Much cooler. The heat of vaporization of water is 5.4x the calories to take the water from 0 C to 100 C. It's even a good multiple of the enthalpy of fusion. Most of the water would freeze if it stays in one place. I think it'd be roughly -50 C, based on some videos I looked up about vacuum chambers.


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That's because we have a rule in place to give that first generic a 180 say exclusivity benefit because they were first, where they still price gouge because the only price they need to beat is the name brand one, and only barely.


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If a Barnes and Noble buys and front-faces more of a book at store #723 because it's been selling a bunch there, they're not obligated to read it and verify it's not libelous or whatever. It's their choice, but having a book isn't an explicit endorsement of it. So why would YouTube, which is effectively like a chain of stores selling videos (with one store per person), be liable if they advertise videos to someone (as they're effectively the sole customer at an individual store).


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Health insurance still is a factor. I have great coverage now, and have gotten predeterminations for things not-always-covered that are pretty expensive. Could I do that again elsewhere? Probably? Is it a guarantee? Not at all. Those predeterminations are worth roughly 18k a year for me, and the knowledge that future ones will be easier is another roughly 15k a year with things I know are coming. So any new job is starting out at a presumed 33k deficit on comparison, nevermind all the normal hurdles and comparisons. And good luck being able to find out detailed health insurance info pre-hire, much less individual coverage questions.