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This is totally random but I really needed to hear this. I don’t know why but I have two totally different perspectives on my life right now, and one’s completely negative and one’s completely positive, and it’s hard to tell which one’s true but it is all about perspective. And I keep trying to figure out which one to show to people whenever they ask me how I am, and it just depends on how I’m feeling that day. But I think I just need to focus on making the positive perspective a reality for myself, and then it won’t feel like I’m lying when I tell them positive things. Because really what good comes from telling them my life is screwed up. Anyway, even though you weren’t talking to me at all I appreciate it!


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You’re not wrong…3am is mainly because of work but also part of the reason I never exercised is because I have social anxiety and don’t want to exercise around people so the 3am thing kinda helps lol. I’ll check out that app though thanks! And maybe once I get more confidence I’ll be able to run in the afternoon or evening or something. Or maybe mornings will be amazing for me and I’ll love it who knows :)


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This will probably be me lol. We just had some snow so it’s crazy cold, but it should be warm enough by Monday so I just gotta make myself stick with it consistently. I’ve told myself once a week is enough of a minimum to start just so I don’t lose motivation but I’ll aim for more often, we’ll see.


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Yeah you’re absolutely right. My mind is a fairly negative place to be sometimes and I know I’ll go through rough times again, I just have to remember during those times that things can and will get better :)

Not to sound insanely cheesy, but life is beautiful and there’s always hope even if it doesn’t always seem that way.