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I like shows like Frazier. I think the writing these days is not intelligent enough; it's like they think we are all stupid . The characters are too over the top; we can't see them as real people anymore. They are also too pretty and perfect so we can't relate to them. Seinfeld for exemple had a diverse cast of really unperfected characters who didn't always do the right thing and that why it was funny.


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The cats who have been living on the streets for a long time before being taken to our shelter always have that sort of look. Like they have seen so much shit that nothing impress them anymore. I call them “The retirees “. All they want is so peace and quiet and food, lots of it.


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Shadow has spend at least 2 years alone on the streets. Now he loves being an inside cat. He's kind of retired of it all; spends his days eating and sleeping. He just started to play a little and it's fun to see but there's work to do. Someone threw him a toy and poor baby was terrified :(


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I'm a cat shelter volunteer. Bunny may sleep a lot the first couple of days. Shelter life is really stressful and when they are realizing they are now safe in a loving home, it happens a lot. I remember a man who called me because his cat slept for 6 hours straight :) He was worried she was sick.


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It's such a great movie. You can feel the tension in the town and also the heat with the actors sweating like crazy. This hellhole is so well presented.

Hackmann is amazing so is Frances McDormand.