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Has nothing to do with wear. Leaded fuel has a very high autoignition point that prevents knock. Modern fuel uses alcohol, but engines designed for alcohol free fuel are dangerously unreliable.

Modern computer controlled engines mange knock with alcohol added fuel, but when you're ten thousands feet in the air you don't want issues.


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Man of these planes, much like commercial are over 50 years old. the Ethyl 85 can deteriorate their seals and cause serious midflight catastrophe.

Keep in mind when I was a kid every car around me ran on leaded fuel and burned a gallon of it every ten miles. It's not so much the presence of lead that's dangerous but the fact some people were bombarded with it for decades.


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More importantly the constant chatter and whinny CRT harmonic. I can't wait until cooling fans are gone and I can't even tell if my laptop springs to life at three in the morning for no reason.

You can't imagine being a child that could easily hear any tv or monitor running anywhere but no adult in the room could.

Yes, I've turned off task scheduler and set power options to not allow wake timers, it doesn't care.


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Often switching to an AFCI/GFCI combo breaker is cheaper, depends on the setup.

Disconnecting the outlets and testing them live will indicate downstream, just mark the live ones with tape.

Keep in mind AFCI and GFCI breakers will only work if the neutral isn't shared by any other circuit, which in many cases they are.


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I've always found her so much more attractive as a brunette. I don't know why she insists on being a blonde when it doesn't match her skin tone in any way.


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It was only overhearing my friends 11 year old daughter that I remember how blushingly obscene a little girl can be.

I sincerely hope she knows little boys don't want to do anything to whatever she thinks that part of her body is called, even if she feels the need to diddle her cookie with a wicket about it.


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I know it were never his intention, but this is how Henson turned me into the terrified 47 year old child I am today.

I still feel like there's a Pointer Sister singing pinball playing mouse behind every corner.

Don't even get me started on seven foot tall canaries.


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A baroque marble in fact, completely unrelated to any Tennessee Williams play.

Marbles run down a long ramp, any that are misshapen will go off course and fall off. These are the ones destined to drown in oil based paint.

Marbles have weird, tortured lives devoid of forgiveness for their inherent flaws that aren't the fault of their personal actions.