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I think in most cases the feet of the people in the front are behind the front axles. Maybe the axles could be under people's butts but that would be a dramatic change leaving no crumple zone or an exaggerated front overhang over the axles.

Some EVs, such as a Tesla Model S, have already pushed the axles really close to the front of the car so I don't think there is a lot of room to move the passengers further forward.


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I could be wrong, I'm just going by what I see. It look like the top of the device is shaped like a wing, so the low pressure on the top of the wing is drawing air upwards through the cylinder. And maybe the bottom is closed off to capture air and make the bottom higher pressure. Hopefully the thing can rotate like a wind sock so it is always facing into the wind.


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The law is well written. It does not specify a technology, it says they must all follow the IEEE standard, which is an industry organization. The standard can't change for at least three years.

It just so happens that the current standard is USB-C.