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Really? Myopic? I'll tell you what lacks imagination. Your use of the same old tired complaints of the government haters. Just whine and hate with no suggestions as to fix shit or whatever. We were talking about the USPS. Before Trump I had next day delivery with Amazon prime. Now 5 days if I am lucky. Got meds the mail. Now I pick them up. You are the blind bullshit, my main man.


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When I go north I generally travel in the left lane. Going faster than the right. But at a certain point the right is clear so I move over. But when people won't allow me to maintain my speed I play Nascar with them. Till they move or I can pass on the right. I always cut them off when going back into the left lane. If someone is traveling at the same rate as I, I leave the customary space. I don't need to be first just to go fast.