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>but coming back to primitive society's and watch everything fall apart in my lifetime is something that i don't wanna live to see

Even in the worst collapse, we will never become primitive again. The world will shrink, but all the tools and tech will still exist. How we use it will change, especially for things like the internet. Some of the fragile stuff will go away, but it won't all be gone.

>is getting worse and worse there are a lot of things we can do about it and maybe we can stop it or at least make it less bad , but powerful people aren't doing anything for it is so sad that i can't be sure if i have future due the greed of these people, i still have some hope regarding to this and even if we can't do anything i want to put my life and efforts in this field

This is a common misconception. Climate change, while serious, is not getting worse, nor are people doing nothing. There has been huge progress since I was your age. There is research going into fighting desertification, carbon capture can do incredible things, nuclear power can give a clean power grid as soon as we want it. And even if all this, and the other tools in development fail, the worst case scenarios are NOT doomsday. The world is not over. It might get harder, but not apocalypticaly.

>is getting worse but is hard to know if this is a collapse of all the system of just another recession, but is quite clear that we can't carry on this way and things need to be changed

This one you have to be careful with. We can't carry one what way? The economy is vast and complicated, and we do absolutely need to fix things about it. But there are a lot of ways to change it. Additionally, some decline is always necessary, unavoidable even. In my opinion, many of our problems have come from attempting to avoid the unavoidable. That makes things worse.

I can't say much comforting about AI. I do agree it's dangerous, especially when combined with dystopia. You're only 2 years older than my son. I promise you this, I am doing everything I can to leave a better world for both of you, and I am hopeful. I have a long life a head of me. And as long as there are children, there is a future. There is hope. Learn, grow, remember that everybody is as real and dynamic as you are. Even if things get harder, life is what you make of it. We don't have it better than anybody before us, just more comfortable.

Hope this helps, and I apologize for getting rambly there at the end.


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Power won't be totally decentralized because large scale production still has to happen. That still leaves the possibility for collapse, just slower and more drawn out. Like, you can still charge your phone and power your TV, but ever day there are less channels, less websites. Slowly the darkness, the silence, comes for you.