soulwolf1 t1_j2f6v8y wrote

You have no idea how overpowered bollywood movie characters are.

That dude can probably light up a cig with water bottle while surfing on a street lamp with a car as his hat then decides to spin the car so he can propel himself over the mountain and land on top of a chair that turns into a dolphin bazooka and walks away with explosion every where, even from directions that make no sense.


soulwolf1 t1_j2f64zr wrote

Disney causing burnout because they constantly dropping shows and movies about foot note characters.

The next show will be about someone on a planet somewhere who was blowing their nose when Obi-Wan and anakin was there during the clone wars. So the show will tell the tale of the reason why that person decided to blow their nose, or some really stupid shit like that.