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Not from a gun store. Private sale, yes. Noone in thier right mind risks an FFL and a visit from the atf to sell a gun. He'll, if I owned a gun store I wouldnt sell a personal firearm to a friend w/o check just to make sure the feds don't show up. Your point is valid that there are ways around that check but using those avenues have strict lanes to stay in and I can't see a state passing a law that any ffl dealer would lean on to get around it.


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yes, but you don't have to go through a federal background check to buy weed at a dispensary and the ATF hasn't decided to enforce the T part of their name there, but you try to go around the background check for a firearm and they'll be at your door shooting your dogs in no time.


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I made no comment about banning or not banning anything. My only point was just that the assault weapons ban was 99% useless, and that handguns are the bigger issue but are largely ignored.


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The Colt-AR15 as it existed was banned, but simply changing to a non-threaded barrel and a non-colapsable stock was all you had to do. Thats like banning red cars with 20inch tires and claiming that blue cars with 21 inch tires are completely different.

My point is the FAWB didn't and wouldn't stop this sort of stuff from happenning.

Uvalde cops were cowards and the ar-15 was an excuse. The ar the person in tennesse had didn't stop those cops from going in.