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It's a zen koan.

It's difficult in our commercialized society to understand the Buddhist idea of "letting go" and our contrast grasping confined in a commercial worldview.

Essentially be grateful for what you have in life. There's beauty all around you and in places you may not see if you're fixating on wanting more and more in your life. Your life is your own, not your possessions etc.


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A lot of these are well known and documented "tells", large mounds known to cover ruins, ziggurats, cities, etc.

Often, they are left alone because exposing them to the elements can ruin the site. South and Central america have untold amounts of these "hills" in the jungle as well covering all kinds of ancient ruins


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Academics have to publish articles. And if they're the "black consciousness" academic that's what you are going to get ad infinitum.

Academics nowadays are living in silos separate from each other and the real world as they pursue their "area" slapping their highly focused cookie cutter research onto various topics.