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I'm always instantly skeptical of anything coming out of China, including any science or papers. There are of course plenty of excellent, smart Chinese scientists with full integrity but you never know what sort of CCP agenda exists. There are of course ethical problems with accepting anything from China as you're basically accepting papers from modern day Nazi Germany.


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The HSA is the main advantage here. The HSA is absolutely an insane account. There is literally no better account. Its a triple tax advantaged account with no age limits. So you can put money into it to receive deductions, you use that money to invest, and when you spend that money you don't pay taxes. Its a ridiculously OP account and should be used 100%.

You're basically building a long term + retirement healthcare fund for yourself. It will save you a ton of money later because you won't have to spend after tax dollars on healthcare. Remember you can also use the HSA to buy a lot of things you wouldn't expect too like feminine products, tylenol, various services, genetic tests, massagers, dentures, etc.

To be honest a person is being really stupid if they don't use an HSA.


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You could consider a bankruptcy of some kind. This is an enormous amount of high interest debt. Generally a bankruptcy is a bad idea for a lot of reasons but it might be worth it with this much debt. Its going to be extremely difficult to pay this off.


Lets say you keep 3500 dollars a month after all basic expenses. It'll take you two years to pay that off assuming no interest and no spending of any other kind. That's kind of absurd. A bankruptcy after 2 years will start to wane in significance so i think it might be worth it.

You could also let it go to collections and try to negotiate it down. Lots of times people are able to pay less than half of the original credit card amount.