spanman112 t1_jcbxxj2 wrote

just found this:

A little pricy for something that looks that odd. I could see that either being super comfortable ... or super annoying because of all the missclicks i feel like i would hit.

But if you happen to try it and like it, please let me know!


spanman112 t1_jcbw4mf wrote

oh yeah they bind to whatever you want, but either way it's a keyboard key so it's only slightly better

the only one i've seen with a true analog stick was the Logitech G13 ... but they don't make them anymore, maybe ebay?


spanman112 t1_jcb4t2w wrote

it's good, but as with all things razor, the build is cheap. I'm on my 3rd one and this one has some drift from time to time. Cleaning it with some contact cleaner usually fixed it right up. But i don't think they make them anymore. But they do have something similar called the Tartus i think, I used to have that one as well. I like them both, but ideally i would like one with a legit thumbstick.


spanman112 t1_jc7y1mi wrote

i'm one of the weirdo's that games with a mouse and keypad that had a thumbstick on it (Razer Orbweaver), so i'm always interested to see new tech that is similar. But my god that is the worst attempt at this i've ever seen. Comfort, design, ease of use, there's not one redeeming quality of that thing other than it is indeed, a keyboard. So if you want a 400 keyboard that doubles as a rage inducing controller that will give you CT, this is the keyboard for you!