spawtlight t1_j6jvrxu wrote

In terms of being an online guide to local events that legacy publications (Washington Post, Washingtonian, City Paper) might not pick up, maybe 730DC is the closest substitute. But even that is still bullet points in a newsletter, whereas BYT had an in-house publication that ran interviews, reviews, critical essays, and reported features.

As for the events, I agree with u/MartinScorsese that the universal ability to post live from events has largely sapped the FOMO effect that sites like BYT, Gaper's Block, Last Night's Party, or Guest of a Guest once fueled.

The nature of museum or venue parties, such as they still exist, has also changed from being less about the host and location and more about brands on display during the event — an effect that BYT fully embraced as it evolved as a company.