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I went to the Taylor Hawkins tribute at Wembley last year and I wouldn’t have made it through the show without the wonderful stewards who could see I was struggling and kept a very watchful but respectful eye on me. This can only be a good thing all round and anyone critical of it has hopefully never been in a situation that requires help like this.


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Yeah, that was strange. They were practically giving them away at the end. Think they were £24.99 UK at launch just before Christmas and we’re selling for £60-100 on eBay at the time, then at the end they were like £5 on Steam with free postage. I ended up buying a few more of them because I really liked them.


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Mason jars are the shit! Love them, I have mine filled with everything from tiny ones with tiny screws, herbs, spices etc (not in the same jars lol) dried pasta, home made preserves and pickles, paints, etc as they are air tight and last forever if you don’t drop them. The only issue I have is the rubber seals wear out but you can buy replacement silicone ones for literally pennies, I personally get the Kilner ones as they are cheap and available easily in the UK and far better than the IKEA or TKMAXX/other ones.

If someone tried serving me a drink in one though, I would probably scream and hit them over the head with the roof tile they had just served my food on (jk).


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I’m in the UK and have owned several since the PowerPC days when you could install OS X on them with a bit of tinkering and turn them into pseudo Mac Mini’s. It helps that they used to give them out free with MacBooks and iMacs if you were a student or working in education. Now you just get an Apple media voucher.


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Main thing I could think of would be for art. I’d certainly consider one but after having a M1 MacBook and getting nothing but frustration from it (drivers don’t work for my admittedly older Wacom, or my mouse, and good luck running anything 32 bit and bye bye bootcamp and VMs I think I’ll pass. I will say I enjoy the touch features on my Steam Deck running Win 11 pro, but that’s mainly because the trackpads are so terrible to use without looking like someone with Parkinson’s. Bizarrely my Wacom and my mouse and Keyboard work fine on Steam Deck with a USB C dongle?