spb1 t1_j6dmxbm wrote

>Frankly, I'm not particularly impressed. For the piano snippets, it seems to have mixed in sounds from strings, and both the "professional piano player" and "crazy fast piano player" snippets are basically just random notes with no particular structure. Meanwhile, the "opera" snippet uses piano sounds, which are non-idiomatic to opera. The "string quartet" snippets are not idiomatic to the style of a string quartet (in particular, the "camptown races" snippet completely falls apart at the end, and the "fingerstyle guitar" snippet barely even sounds like string instruments).

I think we have to factor in the rate at which AI is improving. Listening to something like this for the first time shouldn't be a way to decide on a definitive opinion on AI music - rather a glimpse at the early stages and see generally what can be done. Consider where this technology will be in 5 years, could easily be a significant game changer for music in various fields.