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I really >!liked Jackie. So, ouch for the second tragic ending to her character. !<

That being said, I like that the writers have the guts to go to the disturbingly dark places they teased and don't write themselves out of it in a cheap way- So I am also confident that they will wrap up "pit girl" in a satisfying manner.


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I think whether you liked Dawn kind of depended on your own life and experiences. I have an older sister, so I could very much relate to Dawn and the sibling dynamic and she was immediately very likeable to me. I think it was a nice change to have Buffy worry about family rather than a boyfriend. That being said, they didn't quite know what to do with her in season six and since the character was initially intended to be much younger, they struggled to write for her age until season 7, I'd say.


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I enjoyed Apocalypse tremendously, it actually brought me back to the show after quitting around the end of season 3. 1984 was also a lot of fun, but as always, went on too long. Didn't get too see Double Feature yet. NYC was intriguing at first, but always felt a little bit like they ran out of ideas.


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Tuca and Bertie also deserves a mention. A female-centred animated series by female writers? Such a rare and unique thing and the show knocked it out of the park.

I would also mention Undone, since season 2 has been out for 9 months and still no renewal decision made. Seems like it has ended.


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Honestly, I find Six Feet Under more accessible than Succession. SFU is more of a character-based drama, but the pilot episode throws you into the show and its overall themes quite quickly. Additionally, there is plenty of humor and moments of magical realism that add enough distraction for it not to feel "slow." Additionally, most of the characters start out incredibly likeable and only with time become less sympathetic.