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That’s the problem. The people in Bergen county flood other towns on Sundays because there’s nothing to do in their dull, backwards towns. The people who work Monday to Friday also matter. We all paid for that monstrosity in the meadowlands with our tax dollars. Let us at least shop in it.

The State should also end statewide blue laws with car dealerships. It’d be nice to shop for a car on a day I have off.


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Devil’s advocate: There are plenty of accessible beaches in NJ for people of different income levels. The State beach is free under Murphy and the cost was marginal under Christie if I recall correctly. It’s nice for a non-beach taxpayer to not have to pay for maintaining free beaches that NYers and Pennsylvanians will vacation at. Also, California has free beaches but hey also have homeless encampments lining their boardwalks. You wouldn’t even bother going to the beach if we had that here. There’s a trade off.


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Rahway has a nice downtown area, great shopping nearby, the parkway and turnpike are accessible and close by, great parks, shade, sidewalks (in theory it's walkable, depending where you live), a major hub train station that has two train lines running through and depending on the train it can take 40-50 mins to get to midtown manhattan (and you're usually only waiting up to 20 mins to get on the next train in or out of NYC). Only drawback is that the schools suck and the taxes are high. Parking can be annoying too for some of the homes or apartments with no driveway or lot.


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Food scales my dude. Ideally coffee and water should always be weighed at a 1:15 - 1:20 ratio depending on your taste, meaning for every 15 grams of coffee there should be 225 - 300 grams of water (this produces 1 coffee). A French press typically brews up to 4 coffee (do the math). The problem with scoops is that there is no standard measurement and no two people scoop the same.

Not all drip machines are designed equally. There’s a whole bunch of factors here, including basket vs cone filters, brew temperatures, pooling and channeling, and the heat plate underneath the carafe burning your coffee. Your machine could be old and need to be descaled. This is why French presses are such a fool proof way to start out making better coffee.


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Get a French press and some decent ground coffee and you can have better quality coffee for less without the environmental impact of dumb plastic k-cups. You can even make cold brew. If you want to start going crazy, get a scale and a cheap blade grinder and start grinding your beans. Much better than k-cups or delivered Starbucks coffee.


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It seems like these well intentioned progressive agendas around alternative ways of counting votes always backfire. Every year California is clenching its butthole either due to their free for all primary that can result in two far right candidates if enough liberals split the votes or it’s brain dead recall system.

In NYC we saw the liberal candidates split the ticket and lead to Adams becoming the nominee. It turned out that the far left voters mostly only voted for their candidate and left the Adams alternative out to dry (I forgot these peoples names sorry). Really we wasted a lot of time and resources on possibly the same result or actually prevented an Adams alternative from being viable because the left still only wants to vote for their preferred candidate and their candidate only. Finally in Maine ranked choice helped Susan Collins get re-elected. Time and time again the left is unable to compromise while the right falls in line. I much prefer the system we have where we’re forced to choose. We may have never had Governor Murphy with ranked choice.


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It's unaffordable to commute on the turnpike and 78 as it is right now. I can't imagine what it will cost when they add their $10b lane.

Please, for the love of god just expand our existing rail. There is plenty of dormant, unused rail that is going to waste. Unearth it and make it feasible to travel by train again. Make it so I don't have to transfer at Newark or Secaucus every trip and I will gladly use the train more. You'd think after Xanadu and Revel the state would listen to it's voters, but I guess corruption wins out.


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I took a job with a longer commute and let me tell you… it sucks commuting. I’m still glad I did it for other reasons, but think long and hard before you take on a 2-3 hour commute. You should be devising a plan to move if you’re dead set on working in NY. It might even be beneficial to get an apartment during the week to crash at with roommates in Hudson county or NY just to avoid the awful commute. Idk what your personal life is like and if you can make that work. Is this job remote at all?