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I feel like it's just a matter of time before an AI will be able to at least take a guess at who a person is in every photo or painting ever. Facebook was already doing a "Is This You" feature a handful of years ago, and software has gotten a lot better. I wouldn't even be surprised that even if there wasn't a direct cross reference, that it could guess based on physical features and an understanding of how genetics work. Heck, as soon as I typed "physical features," the software could even take physical descriptions like "had a lazy eye" or even just "beard" and can narrow it down based on other features.

It's kind of cool... and a little creepy.


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I joke that all Volvo parts are hand made in Sweden... in the same factories that used to manufacture tanks. See... during the war, all the men went off and served, so the women went into the factories. Once the war ended, they didn't need tanks, and the women enjoyed working... so they switched to Volvo parts. Those same women have been working in the factories ever since... and they're getting older, and there aren't as many as there used to be. So now there's a very small workforce of slow moving factory workers making Volvo parts... hence why they cost so much.

EDIT: This story relies on my version of what Sweden was doing during the War, and I won't change my story regardless of what they were actually doing because the story won't work anymore.


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I don’t know that this is so much is scream as it is they were just told how much it was going to cost for them to repair a timing chain on a 2011 Volvo after only owning the vehicle for a few months even though they thought they were buying a thoroughly serviced car.


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Kinda hoping a palmistry person jumps in. From a science standpoint, I’ve read that it’s associated with autism or hormone imbalances.

EDIT: it’s associated with Down Syndrome, not Autism, as they are two very different things. My mistake.


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Look at your hands. I guarantee you that your Head and Heart lines aren’t one line. Well… not all of you. So… r/mildlyinteresting