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For like a year and a half I lived in Putnam and commuted to Auburn.

In my experience it's largely quaint. It seems like there's enough for kids to do and they have a bunch of community events, like music on the common with fire on the water, and an ice sculpture event. I spent a lot of time outdoors, mostly at the dam in West Thompson, but there are other nature-y spots all around.

Food and restaurants were generally pretty good. The Stomping Ground has a lot of live music.

The commute was the worst part, imo. Traffic was rarely bad, it's just a long drive through Thompson.


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Central Mass is wicked close to everything. You both are almost old enough to drive over here, so that's cool. There's an endless supply of things to do within an hour's drive.

Worcester is the heart of a pretty fantastic hardcore metal scene, and we have a great venue called the Palladium that hosts tons of shows. Also a few dozen smaller clubs and two or three larger concert venues.

Also we're pretty central to frisbee golf, and Pyramids and Maple Hill are local courses that anyone who plays the game will know about.

We have a top level art museum with the biggest collection of arms and armor outside of Europe.

We have something like a dozen colleges, lots of them host a bunch of events all the time. What is it you're looking for?


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West Thompson Dam has awesome trails all around it. There's this other one, Furnace something, with a lake and a good hike and great eastward views. You're not far from Leadmine in Sturbridge and Moore in Spencer up in Mass, and the Airline Trail's northern section goes right into Douglas State Forest which has an awesome bridge trail through the cedar swamp.

Almost forgot Bull Hill in Woodstock for a great sunset.


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It bears saying that, some school districts provided kitty litter to teachers as part of school shooter preparedness. In a lockdown situation, where students would be locked in the classroom due to someone's 2nd amendment rights, they would relieve themselves in a bucket. The litter was to help control the odors.

So not only are no schools providing litter boxes for furries, the root of this myth is our nation's bizarre kink for guns.