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The Sopranos? The story of a group of macho men with macho voices who are surprised to discover that when they sing, for some mysterious reason, they're sopranos!

The King of Queens? A member of a group of drag queens discovers they're actually the long lost son of a king who just died, and they're first in line for the throne!

All in the Family? A family changes their detergent to All, and suddenly everyone develops special powers. It's a web series created by the makers of All detergent.

Laverne and Shirley? The plot wouldn't change, it would just be the Shirley-less last season of Laverne and Shirley.


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At least you make it that far! I get near the end of even one season shows and unless the plot is still really exciting, I feel like a kid finishing up my broccoli. I'm to finish simply because I made it that far and I'm mildly curious how it ends, but the thrill isn't really there anymore.


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Little Boxes. Obscure little movie about a multicultural family who moves from the a big city to a small town and struggles to fit in. There are arguments, but they have such a close bond.

Yours, Mine and Ours. Blended family, but still loving.

Inside Out. Though most of the focus is on the emotions.

An American Tail. But they aren't together for most of the movie.

Father of the Bride

101 Dalmations