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I think it's a lot more complicated than greedy contractors. Certainly, we are often either paying lowest bidder or politically connected contractors who do the work for as little money as possible. There's also the situation that Rt. 1 is an extremely busy corridor for both commuters and trucks.

Even with the most well built roads, they will get torn up by overweight vehicles over time. The water is pooling exactly along the tire treads. Regular resurfacing is part of maintaining road infrastructure.


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>My mentality is “enjoy your money, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.” How can I change that?

Instead of thinking about death, why not think that for every dollar you spend you will need to work an extra day before retiring? Is that small comfort or luxury today worth two or more weeks of hard work when you're older?


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Probably not the advice you asked for, but you should also consider that commuting 170 miles a day is a big mistake, either in your choice of living arrangements or employment. Any car will eventually break down with that much daily use.

The 18% interest rate is also way too much to pay on any loan. I don't believe Hyundais have a great reputation for reliability.

Check if there's public transit options for your new job and look for apartments closer. If not, try to find a used car (1-2 years old) from a more reliable brand.


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This is wrong information. OP identified themselves to police and told them exactly where to find them. Just because you get in an accident, you shouldn't block the road and make everyone's commute miserable if your car can get to a safe place to wait for law enforcement.

The cops were just being pricks because nobody wants to work.