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ooo this is a tricky one! No dialog (which is my best way of expressing… expressions)

The beast glared at the odd circle object. All he knew was that it had something on it that he wanted.

What that was, he didn’t know. All he knew was that it smelt amazing.

The human towering over him held a big spiked looking object, devouring whatever was on that circle.

The beast was jealous. Really jealous.

He goes to jump onto the human above him, when suddenly, a hand is on him, pushing him roughly to the side.


The beast falls to the ground, wounded; but he wouldn’t give up just yet, no way. This was just the beginning.

The beast darts forward towards the object, and the human grabs it and stands, making it far too high to reach. He taunted the beast, continuing to eat the food.

The beast was livid. The human knew that was his weakness; but luckily for him, the beast had claws.

He clawed and clawed for what seemed like hours when finally the human walked over to the beast’s food bowl. It was time! He had won the battle! At last he would get what he wanted!

The human grabs the food bowl, and starts pouring something in it. The beast cannot see, the human is too tall.

The aroma of the food was overwhelming to the beast, and he was getting impatient.

Jumping on the human, the beast starts pushing him. The human then puts the food bowl down.

Then came silence.

The beast lost. He actually lost.

Inside the food bowl was dog food.

The dog had lost.


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Okay you were literally so close. Turns out I misspelled a couple things. “You cursed me and my family to a lifetime of suffering” (I forgot to add the s💀) and “pretend you don’t remember” I don’t even know what I did there. But good job!


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I woke up, chained to my bed, a saw in the middle of cutting my stomach.

“Not again” I mutter, rolling my eyes.

I sit up, yanking the chains, breaking them off from my bed frame.

“I can’t just have one nice nap? You people are crazy.”

“We’re not crazy. We’re trying to get revenge.” A voice says from the corner of my room. The person is hiding comfortably in the shadows.

“Revenge for what? You and your lineage have been trying to kill me for thousands of years.”

“You’re still playing dumb?” The person becomes enraged, “Why can’t you take responsibility for your actions?” The person is yelling now, “I hate you!”

And before I realized what’s happening, the person is running at me with a knife, and for a brief second I catch a glance of their face. There’s tears streaming down their face. I felt sorry for them. That was until I felt the knife plunging into my heart.

The person stabs me over and over, yelling things I can’t understand. She’s crying. Suddenly I feel this odd sensation coming over me. The girl starts floating, chanting something from a language I thought dispersed a long time ago.

“Ied. Ied ouy upidts ons fo æ thcib. Ouy suredc em nda ym milyaf ot æ imetifle fo reffungi, dna ety, ouy trelend ouy on’td memrerbe. I pohe ouy ffersu orf lal fo itynrete.“

She explodes in the air, her ashes falling all over me.

Then I remember. This is the Jaïfē family. They descended from the Heavens. I look down, noticing my bleeding heart for the first time. I get up to look in the mirror and I see the horns on my head, the fire emitting off my body. I remember who I am.

I am Shirafę. The devil banished from the Heavens. It was me who led to the downfall of the Jaïfē family. I brought them down with me.

I decided to fall asleep, hoping to forget about this once more. I actually liked the chase, but they didn’t need to know that.

I crawl into bed, still bleeding.

Hopefully, I wake up to the same cycle.