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compass rose beach in quonset is pretty small as far as beaches go and is great if your pup likes sand and water, but you might have to park in the ferry parking lot depending on whether they're still doing construction in the beach parking lot.


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hell, I had teachers growing up who commuted to my schools from connecticut and massachusetts. probably an hour for each of them but they crossed the whole state latitudinally/longitudinally to get there.


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> “We lost a daughter on May 4, 1994, right out front here,” Mrs. Gwozdz said. Her daughter’s jacket tie got caught in the door “and they ran right over her," Mrs. Gwozdz said. She added, "Stacey wasn’t small. She was 13 years old," and thus it would have been easy for someone to see her, had there been a bus monitor.

jesus christ that poor girl and her poor family who had to watch that happen


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a know-a-guy competition, where contestants are given an objective and tasked with calling people they know to accomplish the goal. challenges might include getting a low number vanity plate from the dmv, pushing through your restaurant's liquor license application with the town, getting your congressman to write a letter talking about how great your kid is to brown (the kid won't get in), etc. anything that makes you say "hey, I know a guy!" is fair game.

also, naming all 39 incorporated cities and towns in rhode island. you'd think it'd be simple, but it's hoddah than you think! bonus points for putting them on a blank map at the same time.


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> The tavern was closed when an East Greenwich officer went to inquire whether it had a video camera, the police report said, without further elaboration.

I guess the investigation went like this

trooper: hello, may I have one security camera footage please

tavern: we're closed

trooper: understandable, have a good day


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I'm curious how they're going to squeeze a rotary in that space that doesn't require drifting to make the turn, just because the space there isn't that big and it's bounded by the bridge and the businesses. I agree that a light would clog up the roads and be more trouble than it's worth. I do think the intersection of tower hill and annaquatucket by the high school needs a light, because turning off annaquatucket is hell when school gets out and it's never going to get better on its own.