spring_ways t1_j6g91ea wrote

I think people are appreciative of transport improvements but cost is the issue. Why must we spend BILLIONS for 3.5 stations. I agree that SAS made a lot of journeys faster and better, there were also some operational improvements. While GCM has fewer improvements, the number of additional trains is minimal and some journeys will take longer.

We should spending more efficiently. There should be better value for money.


spring_ways t1_j64vawh wrote

Was this not realized when they planned this? They spent billions for micro improvements schedule wise. Why even go through with it. Yes the tunnel was provisioned under 63 but other than that it was never sensible. I think with this, second ave subway, London Elizabeth line, infrastructure planners should realize that extremely deep level stations are not an improvement if the time saving are lost getting in and out of the station.

Although it seems like public transport and infrastructure will never go back in the hand of competent people as politicians hold all the control and funding.