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Maybe in the new simulations you can create others in your own image that you can curse and torment, demand total adoration through a variety of rituals, give conflicting instructions to curry favor, pass harsh arbitrary judgements upon, and see it is good, before you get bored with the whole thing and leave it running unattended while you go off to start another new simulation!


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>What did he get wrong? He's saying the rate of exponential change is increasing, which I think is true. Like, the doubling rate is getting shorter with time.

Even doubling, meaning a relatively small exponent of 2, quickly results in a graph with an effectively vertical rate of change and increasingly astronomical numbers. A higher exponent, like 10 or 1,000,000 or whatever, results in the same vertical line even more quickly, and an even higher exponent becomes vertical even more quickly, ad infinitum.

That is what exponential equations do - increasingly graph to vertical, ever more sharply with ever higher exponents. Even an exponent to the power of an exponent multiplies the powers together to provide a higher exponent. A "compounding" exponential equation can only do the same thing - increasingly graph vertical. It's not helpful.


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I wish I could see another result, but I would be surprised if the masses didn't get pushed into adopting some proprietary personalized cloud-based AI platform that operates on a lower tier ad-based revenue model and a premium subscription model. Local AIs might be a thing but at least for open source ones, probably not the norm and will have disadvantages as well as advantages.