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Yea because people always want to go out for lunch or after work drinks. Also my office was moved to TD garden so it’s a 4 hour round trip commute by train, $24. I love spending every minute with my dog. BUT there are bits of loneliness and missing shooting the shit with people


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OP for what it’s worth, I don’t understand why people have a problem with your wording. I read young professionals as a description and nothing more.

I just moved to Worcester a few months ago and so far it’s great. I’m in the burbs over by Indian lake. A 10$ Uber gets me downtown. I havnt had much luck with the busses… twice now I’ve waited for them at the times posted online and they didn’t show, so I would not recommend them.

I love Vincent’s bar. It’s divey, fun and always has live music. Also an outdoor area to smoke whatever your vice is


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Crown butcher off of gold star boulevard is a great Brazilian butcher. They have awesome rib eyes. They also have cases and cases of frozen Brazilian treats to take home. A whole case of pao de Queijo in different flavors and sizes


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I think that’s where I’ll be going tonight!! Do you know if it’s still BYOB? I didn’t see anything on their website and I don’t want to feel like an idiot showing up with something 😂


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So sad! They def seem like the type of people who hit him. Which is probably contributing to his aggression. They probably got him cus they thought it’s cool to own a German Shepard for protection but know 0 about dog training or care. I am going to go to town hall with all of the stories I have heard and hope they take the poor dog away. We were THIS close to being mauled.