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Check the manual to see if the 14 flashes are an error signal. If it is, then there will be more information available about what is wrong and how to fix it.


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I'm not naive enough to think the state will do anything to help expand production, but we have in state oil harvest and refining already. Our refineries have a 2 million barrel per day capacity, and we have over 200,000 drilled wells. I'm not saying I expect Texas/New Mexico level base prices, but the fact our average price is consistently one of the highest in the nation does not fit with having production capacity in-state. Even adjusting for the gas tax, the price doesn't seem to make sense.


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There are a few ways you can go about it:

If you have a scrap piece of wood, you can cut it at an angle that you know is too wide and make small adjustments until it fits well in that lower corner.

You can make a few measurements to find the sides of the triangle that would form from conecting the top stair corner to the pillar and use that to calculate the lower corner angle.

You can use a speed square to get a fairly good approximation.

You can hold the handrail next to the gap at the appropriate heights and mark it with a pencil against the walls and like up the blade with the pencil marks.

However you approach it, don't worry too much about getting it perfectly flush with the walls. It is very likely that they are not flat (highly improbable that they are flat), and even a millimeter difference in position will visible change how it sits.


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We know that the oxygen concentration in the modern day is not the same as it was in the times of the dinosaurs by a significant enough amount that their respiratory systems couldn't handle it.