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The claim was that fat people make health insurance more expensive. So yes it would have to be much more than 4% of health related costs for me to consider it significant enough to make an impact on how much you pay for health insurance. You can keep trying to change what this argument has been about all you want though.


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And the costs associated with excessive alcohol use are almost 100 billion higher per year.

Yet people aren’t calling for sweeping changes to how this country views and consumes alcohol. Ultimately the cost to YOU individually is negligible.

Creating government programs and regulations to help combat obesity is completely different from random people on the internet pointing out to fat people that they are fat and telling them they need to lose weight. I’m not against creating regulations to make the food we eat healthier. What I am against though is people thinking that telling someone what they should or shouldn’t eat is going to somehow help them. Mind your own business.


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The American healthcare system costs 4.1 trillion dollars.

I don’t care about your anecdotal situation in your one nursing facility. Obesity accounts for only 4% of healthcare related costs in this country. Those are facts, not anecdotes.


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The cost of the American healthcare system is 4.1 trillion

So 173 billion is a whopping 4.1% of all healthcare costs. I’m sure if we got all obese people skinny that 4.1% would really cut everyone’s costs.


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Factually false. I’ve proven this argument false many times before on Reddit and don’t have the motivation to pull the links but if you do even a modicum of research you can see that the cost of obesity on the entire healthcare system as a whole is so marginal as to be almost completely irrelevant.