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You can't self diagnose someone else. A self diagnosis is a self diagnosis.

You're missing the point. I'll happily say that I was incorrect about Spielburg and that this was just a case of fake news. However, Alan Turing is widely regarded as being on the spectrum and so is Jobs. There are lots of reasons why they weren't diagnosed as such but the fact that you're trying to cancel that part of them out is odd to me.


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No, you misread what I said. I said my FIL who has read a lot about Bletchley Park and worked with GCHQ seems to think that the movie didn't do a good job of showing how neuro diverse the code breakers were.

I said he seems to think that they were all pretty autistic. I then explained that Turing wouldn't have been diagnosed as the diagnosis was only coined in the 1940s and that it was a new field.

I would expect that if he was born today he would have been diagnosed early in life. Now, I don't know of this is the case or not but my FIL whoni saw the movie with and who is well educated on the subject matter seems to think so.


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I play like 4 games a year. Even games which are well received are pretty poorly done compared to films. There is a reason games like god of war or the last of us stand out and it's because the vast majority of games are trash.

I know you can say the same about movies but there are many more movies released than games.


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I think he was autistic wasn't he? I watched it with my father in law who is a big history buff and at one point was working alongside GCHQ and his gripe was that they down played how autistic the rest of the team were.

According to him they were all autistic as fuck and one of them chained his cup to the wall like Sheldon Cooper sort of thing.

Edit: not sure why I'm getting down votes as Turing is widely accepted as being autistic in the UK and a quick Google tells you the other two mentioned probably have/had autism too.


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I don't rate the lighthouse but I think the other examples are great. The thing is though you certainly couldn't have had midsommer without the wicker man. I enjoyed the wickerman and think it's a classic in low key tension.


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Had sex with my now wife in the back of the cinema while watching the house bunny. If you haven't seen it it's really not great but I like that memory.

I also have happy memories of the first transformers movie where all my friends and out teenage girlfriends went to see it in a massive group. It was so fun. Just like wholesome teenage fun at the movies.

Saw the second matrix movie with some lads from school the night it was released.We snuck out as teenagers, snuck into the movie and then got stranded as we missed the last bus. We then had to call a lads mum to come and get us and she was pissed. We were made up though.

A couple of days after my son was born my wife told me to leave her at home and watch Rogue 1 as she knows I love starwars but knew we wouldn't get chances to go to the cinema with a new baby at home. I went with a mate and it was epic. I loved every scene.

Watched the Witch in the middle of the night while feeding my new born son over a bleak winter. Just holding him as he slept and ate and his mum was in the bedroom exhausted. It was spooky but the story of the missing baby at the start of the film felt much more powerful with a baby in my arms.