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When you acknowledge your anxious feelings, you take an important step toward feeling better. Facing the truth can be very empowering because once you name the problem you can go about solving it.


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When an event or action is in motion or has been determined for example the comments here, outside of yours. Nothing can change those and it would likely be very difficult to sway the opinions because they are predetermined. So if we accept it, what ever however you judge good or not so great, than maybe it’s easier to move forward with whatever challenges you might have


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Agree, however the point is that by accepting it IMO, will or may allow you to move on to whatever is next. It is often hard to move on after a tough life situation whatever that might be, because we all different ways of dealing with things or accepting things.

A great example is people have a hard time accepting that anyone regardless of gender or race can do anything they want given the same chance, tools and encouragement. That’s hard for some because they or all they have set in there mind is a: living a life they couldn’t so now your living it through say the littles or b: there is always a winner or loser. That outcome is predetermined before the competition starts, and no matter how much anxiety or grief one has will change what is next. Because it has yet to happen ❤️