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Indeed I am. And will be for the foreseeable future. I even went as far as sending in the incident to corporate security so other stores in our area could keep an eye out for the guy. Like I said, members of management in my company are allowed to pursue shoplifters as long as we remain on the property and don’t use unreasonable force to detain a shoplifter.


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In what way is defending myself sick? He swung a huge bottle at my head and I’m lucky I didn’t pass out from the hit. This man was physically aggressive toward me and I fought back so he didn’t continue harming me. Obviously I recognized I fucked up by going after him, which is why I posted this under this sub!! I realize it was a mistake!! No shit!! But, under no circumstance, am I going to allow a man, or anyone for that matter, attack me without getting some kind of attack thrown back at them


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Did you miss the part where I said he first hit me across the head with a 1.75L glass bottle? After that, it was not, in any way, about the shoplifting. He attacked me and my instincts told me to fight back.


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Our policy doesn’t stop managers from stopping shoplifters so I’m okay there. If it was against policy I wouldn’t have done it. There are a couple other male managers who habitually chase down and catch shoplifters outside the store. Regardless, I won’t be reporting an injury