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At the end of 2019, foreign investors own 35 million acres of farmland, 192,000 of which was individually Chinese owned. There were 890 million acres of farmland in the US in 2019. The push for China to buy has been large since then, one reason is the belt/road project, but others are for purely agricultural supply in China and development. For example, Indiana has a large chip plant on the horizon. Indiana actually put a limit of 320 acres per foreign individual or company for ownership in mid 2022. Here's a Politico article about the Chinese investment in agricultural acreage.


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Chinese investors are buying up land in Indiana for some reason, particularly farmland. Don't know if that was motivation. Probably just a homeless guy with mental health/addiction problems. Lots of those in Bloomington. They will sometimes randoms ride the student bus for warmth in the winter.


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It's just like the US drug Aduhelm. It's $56000 per year, and Medicare doesn't cover it yet. Plaque reduction has implications for CTE, Parkinson's, maybe long-term covid, etc. I talked to one of the Aduhelm researchers at a dinner party recently who said other similar drugs are close on the horizon. Exciting times for this area of neuro research for sure.