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I do want to change my observation. It looks like he is only at about 65* or so degrees. Have a look at the ADI. The last white line is the 60* and he goes past that. Still too aggressive for normal flying around a city.

Nothing wrong with baking 45-50 degrees for utility/production stuff if you need to get the job done efficiently. But I highly doubt you guys are doing greater than 60* turns. Have a peak next time and see. My guess is they cap it around 45 degrees.


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If you are working in an R44 and your pilot is doing greater than 80° turns with passengers on board, they are frankly an idiot, and this is coming from another helicopter pilot. If I did that even on a bush utility job with passengers and my chief pilot found out I would be in some shit.

Have a look at the attitude indicator next time. My guess is that you aren’t actually baking that hard. A quickly inducted 45° turn can feel very strep. The guy in this video was doing around 75-80 (look at the attitude indicator).


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I’m also a pilot.

In fact I’m a commercial helicopter pilot holding an ATPL license. I'm adjusting my observation to be a 65° turn. Had a better look at the video on my computer vs my phone, and I can see the ADI go past the 60° white mark while still turning a bit more as it goes out of view.

A turn this steep can be dangerous due so the high G-loading of the disc, as well as the risk of getting into a low-g situation and inducing mast-bumping.

Doing aerodynamic moves in a two-bladed teetering hinge rotor system like the Robby is always a great way to get killed. Although 65 degrees is substantially less dumb than the 80 as I originally stated.


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Great work. My 16" Ooni has been getting a workout the last few weeks as well. I have been doing a breadmaker recipe, and then proof overnight in the fridge. Turning out pretty well for nice thin pizzas. I haven't experimented with thicker pizzas too much in the Ooni, so most of my thin crusts cook in about 1-2 minutes.